2010-A Skatepark is Born!
Hope Davey Memorial Skatepark Established-Waterbury
Center, VT

The Town of Waterbury designated the 50’x50’ piece of
blacktop for skaters and Richy Bowen designed and built
the new ramps. The park is a huge success.

2019-Jake Blauvelt initiates the
conversation for a new, concrete park
Formation of Skatepark Working Group and first $5,000

The vision for a new and larger concrete skatepark
emerged and a new, core, working group kicked off
the effort, with an initial $5000 donation from the
Waterbury Rotary Club.

2020-Location, Location, Location!
Town and WSP working group identify a feasible site
for WSP location.

An ideal skatepark site is found at the new recreation
space being designed adjacent to the ice center, dog
park, soccer fields and nearby Perry Hill/WATA
mountain bike trail network.

Summer 2021-Formation of the
Waterbury Skatepark Coalition
Local, committed volunteers, community organizers
and skateboard enthusiasts help to build a vision for
the working group known as the Waterbury Skatepark

FORWARD becomes the fiscal agent for the
Waterbury Skatepark Project.

2021-2022-Collaboration with the
town of Waterbury Leadership
The Waterbury Skatepark Coalition works directly with
the Waterbury Recreation Dpt., the Waterbury Select
Board and the Edward Farrar Utility District to create a
vision for the WSP to move forward to obtain support,
a memorandum of understanding for the site and an
ongoing partnership to create a sustainable model for
the skatepark’s future.

Spring/Summer 2022-Park Master Plans
Updated. Hope Davey Park and River Road Park Master Plans
require update for expansion permits.

The Town of Waterbury Select Board and voters approve
$50,000 special article to hire SE Group to update the
master plan at the River Road Park to move forward with
the Waterbury Skatepark project, expanded parking and
soccer field expansion.

October 2023 Hope Davey Skatepark is deconstructed. The coalitions focus changed to building a 4000 sqft in place of the old park.

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