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Blauvelt's Banks at Bolton Valley 2022

Blauvelt's Banks 2022 was the first event to raise funds and awareness about the new Waterbury Skatepark project. The event consisted of a banked slalom snowboard and snowskate race at Bolton Valley resort. All the proceeds of the event were donated to the new skatepark. The event raised over $11,000 and was a great start building momentum for moving forward with the new park. The day of the event was a challenge due to a nor'easter that had started early that morning. Everyone was in high spirits and made the best of the day regardless of the weather. It was a great first event for the skatepark and bringing the snow/skate community together. Big thanks to Jake Blauvelt for putting on the event and everyone who volunteered digging the course and helping out. We are look forward to many more events! Stay tuned.

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