Our Goal

The Waterbury Skatepark Coalition (WSC) is committed to creating a state of the art concrete skatepark in downtown Waterbury, Vermont. The park will be designed and constructed with meticulous attention to detail to optimize accessibility, safety and fun.

With that in mind, the WSC is committed to engaging the Waterbury community in the fundraising, construction and management process to guarantee measurable successful outcomes for everyone involved. The WSC will create a positive, safe environment for users and families to attract them to Waterbury, VT to have a positive impact on the recreation economy for years to come.

Why Skateparks

“Skateparks build and sustain healthy communities. As a gathering place for dedicated, athletic youth, the skatepark provides the forum for visitors young and old, beginning and skilled, to meet and share experiences. For many skateboarding youth, the skatepark becomes a home-away from home.”- Skatepark Project

Hope Davey Site Plan 2024 (skatepark design not accurate)

Skatepark Design

The state of the art concrete park will be 4000 sqft and designed and constructed by a professional skatepark company with direct input from the local community and WSP coalition members. The park will be thoughtfully designed with safety, accessibility and low maintenance costs in mind. There will be classic street and transition elements and unique features with space for beginners and experts to evolve and share in a safe, inclusive environment which is a stated design priority in our mission.

Design Features

Durable, concrete park with modern construction materials designed and built to last with low maintenance costs in mind.

Iconic, unique, creative “Vermont” features (covered bridge feature...)

 An open layout to maximize capacity while thoughtfully designing safe features to optimize learning, progression and collaboration.

Abundant planters and beautiful landscape features to optimize surface water runoff additional, intentional, social spaces for spectators, family and friends to enjoy.

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